Contact Research Staff

Reference staff members are here to help you explore, discover, and connect. Whether you need detailed, in-depth assistance finding resources for scholarly work, or something simple like a local business contact, HPL's knowledgeable staff will help.

In person: 

Consult with a staff member at the Reference Desk on the second floor of the library.

By telephone:  Call (620)663-5441 ext. 137

By fax:  620-663-1583

By email:

Our general mission and purpose is to assist and instruct individuals in their pursuit of information, using appropriate methods and materials, regardless of format, and to "provide the most accurate information in the most timely manner possible."  This assistance is provided in accordance with general library policies, and every effort is made to ensure that staff provide confidential, equal treatment to all persons. 

We provide as wide a range of resources as possible to help patrons find the answers to questions we are asked.  The rapidly changing technological environment requires us to learn new retrieval methods while retaining a useful familiarity with traditional sources.  Although we may interpret some sources of information, we are not qualified to interpret legal, medical, or taxation materials.

We manage the research collections on the second floor of the library and the periodical reading room on the first floor.   We oversee the historical periodicals and Kansas Room collections, as well as microform resources and pamphlet files.  The Government Documents Depository, the Adult Education & Literacy program, and Interlibrary Loan are an integral part of the Reference department, as well.